Call for Presentations

The theme of the workshop is:

The Future of Modern Greek language learning and teaching in Higher Education in the US: Opportunities and Challenges

We invite proposals for the Saturday Session. Some of the questions and pedagogical issues we hope to discuss in the context of presentations are:

  • Materials Development; textbook evaluation; the issue of authenticity
  • Issues of governance; program building; relationship with cognate departments
  • Teaching and learning Modern Greek in the context of MFL pedagogies and SLA research
  • Standards and Guidelines; relationships with professional organisations
  • Outreach and collaboration
  • Project-based and community-based learning
  • Teaching with technology
  • Course-sharing among institutions
  • Study Abroad and Summer Study
  • Heritage Learners


Please send a proposal, maximum length 250 words addressing one of the issues listed here. Proposals should include a clear description of materials, curricula, project or issue to be work-shopped.  Each workshop session will be limited to 45 minutes, which will include ample time for discussion, exchange of ideas and activities on said project or topic.

Please send your proposal to Elsa Amanatidou ([email protected]). Deadline for submission of proposals, June 15, 2018